Site Office IT

You need to provide your site office (“donga”) with IT services.

Velvet Systems takes the stress out of site office IT so you can do what you do best… run your business.

Velvet Systems specialises in site office IT solutions.

The ability for your staff to work effectively at your site offices is fundamental to your business success. To do it productively and securely requires the right infrastructure, systems and processes:



This can be challenging in remote locations.

System security

Including VPN, secure cloud access, and security of data on workstations.


Workstations, printers, and photocopiers including managing shipping logistics and setup.

Help desk

Support to resolve the inevitable issues.

Applications for keeping your team connected

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, TeamViewer, etc.

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Velvet Systems is based in Brisbane and has over 20 years experience helping clients setup and run site offices throughout Australia. We provide a range of services – from ad-hoc help desk support to a complete remote-office-as-a-service solution providing workstations, printer/photocopiers, and connectivity… plus managed services for it all. If you already have staff working in a site office, we can improve the security of your systems and data and help increase their productivity.

Our standard service offering bundles the implementation of your site office infrastructure with ongoing managed services so that you have no up-front investment – everything is covered by a single cost-effective monthly fee.

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Your focus is construction, not IT. An IT specialist will take the headache out of setting up your site office IT so you can focus on what you do best.

Because sending a technician to a site office can be difficult, all site office IT should be remotely managed.

Site office IT equipment needs to be tough. Using a specialist IT service provider with decades of experience will ensure your remote staff are with provided the right IT tools.

Ensuring that your staff are properly supported when on site

You need your staff to be secure and productive when working on site. The greatest enabler is your information technology infrastructure:

Workstations must be reliable – the choice of equipment should be informed by practical experience.

Using the cloud for document storage can be effective for site offices if internet connectivity is reliable.

Commercial grade photocopiers are tough and can be remotely managed. We have found them to be a good solution for site office printing and scanning. Velvet Systems regularly ships photocopiers to site offices on short-term lease.

A connectivity solution at the site office location that has the right bandwidth and reliability will be required. This can be difficult and getting it right often requires specialist knowledge.

The connectivity at your office (the other end of the link to the site office) must be robust with high availability. Redundant connections may be required for reliability. Upgrades may be necessary to allow enough concurrent remote users.

Because it may not be easy to send a technician to a site office the ability to monitor and manage everything remotely is essential. Domestic equipment should never be used. Routers and other network equipment, firewalls, workstations, and photocopiers should all have remote management and monitoring capability.

The security of your main office infrastructure and remote equipment must be managed – all security patches and operating systems must be up to date, managed commercial anti-virus installed, etc.

All site office infrastructure should be regularly backed up in case of failure.

Installation of a UPS should be considered.

Help-desk support will be needed for your remote staff – the required technical skills and experience to get your staff working again when the inevitable issues occur.

Supporting site offices is one of Velvet Systems’ original service offerings and we have been refining and evolving our capability for the last 20 years.

Velvet Systems have been looking after our business needs for many years. They are always helpful and efficient. Recently, we moved office and we were so grateful to have the Velvet team on our side, working for the best possible outcome. I would recommended them to anyone needing IT support and guidance.

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Velvet Systems has advised and supported our company since 2017. They provide exceptional service delivered with a personal touch. Their technical expertise is second to none. We rely on them, we trust them, we recommend them.

Errol WBrisbane

We have been using Velvet Systems for a number of years and have found them to be extremely helpful, and found Jeremy and the team very reliable and easy to work with. Great problem solvers.

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Site Office It Assessment

Your systems and data are more vulnerable at remote locations:

  • Can you be sure that the workstation security patches and operating system patches are up to date?
  • How is authentication managed? Do your applications appropriately manage security for remote users?
  • How do you ensure only your staff members have access to your systems and data when your workstation may be physically accessible by others?
  • How are your site office workstations protected in the event of theft? If a workstation is lost, can you be sure that the access is controlled and the data is unavailable to the thief?
  • How is the site office network secured?

Some key questions to consider about productivity at your site office:

  • How do you ensure that remote access to your data is fast enough for your staff to be productive? Nothing destroys productivity faster than staff sitting waiting for screens to update. Many solutions are available… from using different connectivity to using accelerators like Riverbed devices.
  • How do you ensure that staff have access to all the systems and data that they need to do their jobs? Some services and data may only be available at your main office unless technology to support remote access is installed, e.g. Citrix, VPN, RDP, etc.
  • How to best use the available technology to ensure your staff keeps functioning as a team? Many products will allow your team members to talk to each other, but a lot of available functionality goes unused that would help your staff feel more connected and be more collaborative. Things like configuring SharePoint and associated workflows for easier collaboration. Configuring this additional functionality sometimes requires specialist skills.

Enabling maximum productivity means having the right infrastructure. Velvet Systems can provide you with a no-cost assessment and recommendations for your site office IT.

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