We provide trusted IT consulting services to help your business be the best it can be.

Sometimes you need an outside viewpoint, or some specialist knowledge, or perhaps just a little extra horsepower. Velvet Systems is a “safe pair of hands”.

Velvet Systems is here to help with:

Information Technology audits. We will assess your existing information technology and provide a report with recommendations about security, on-premises infrastructure, disaster recovery, and cloud adoption/migration options. This is a free service with no obligation.

All your ad-hoc information technology needs – for the cloud, your on-premises IT, IT security, disaster recovery, printing, and more. When you need some help with your IT, we will be there for you.

Product assessment and selection. We can work with you to navigate the hundreds of IT products and help you select the ones that best support your business.

Product optimisation. We can help you get the most out of your products. Many applications have features that require specific skills and experience to implement – for example SharePoint workflows.

Project health-check. We can assess your IT project against the 10 PMBOK knowledge areas and provide a report with suggestions for improvements. This is a free service with no obligation.

General IT consulting:

  • We can provide assistance managing your IT project to help you get things moving or back on track.
  • We can assist you with analysis of your business requirements.
  • We can assist you with your IT related business processes and technical documentation.
  • We can provide an audit of your data retention to ensure your backups and email retention are where they need to be.

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Velvet Systems is based in Brisbane and we have over 20 years experience delivering IT services. We regularly provide consulting services to our Brisbane based and international clients.

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Consultants provide access to specialised technical knowledge that isn’t available in your organisation.

Consultants provide independent advice.

Consultants can ramp-up and deliver results quickly.

Consultants provide access to diversity of ideas from experiences outside your organisation.

A history of delivering successful consulting assignments

The Velvet Systems team has recently delivered (or is in the process of delivering) the following consulting assignments for our clients.

  • Cybersecurity risk analyses, network security assessments, and website security assessments. Learn more about security.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity assessments. Learn more about disaster recovery.
  • Cloud services assessments and vendor selection. Learn more about cloud migration.
  • Managed document workflow creation.
  • Commercial and regulatory compliance audits for document security, traceability and archiving.
  • Network architecture design.
  • Server room design.
  • Software choice assessment (fitness for purpose).
  • Systems and infrastructure integration assessments.
  • Web presence and SEO assessments.
  • Implementing workflow improvements through the use of technology.
  • Internet services options assessments.
  • Office network cable designs.
  • Remote telecommunications options assessments.
  • Development of COVID-19 working-from-home procedures.
  • Development of unified technology plans – strategy development, and board level presentations.
  • CCTV / security camera requirements analyses.
  • Phone systems requirements analyses.

We have been using Velvet Systems for a number of years and have found them to be extremely helpful, and found Jeremy and the team very reliable and easy to work with. Great problem solvers.

Brisbane TransportBrisbane

Velvet Systems has advised and supported our company since 2017. They provide exceptional service delivered with a personal touch. Their technical expertise is second to none. We rely on them, we trust them, we recommend them.

Errol WBrisbane

They are always quick to reply to my calls, helpful with any queries or questions I may have and always willing to go the extra mile for you. Would not have any hesitation at recommending the team at Velvet Systems to friends and family.

Christine NBrisbane
Why use consulting services?

The benefits of using consulting services include

Access to a diversity of ideas from experiences outside your organisation. A service provider like Velvet Systems has a broad view of the local market from working with many similar clients, and we know what solutions work.

Scalability, and ease of termination when no longer needed.

Access to proven templates and processes – for example our information technology audit approach and checklists have been used in dozens of clients.

A consulting assignment is often lower cost than hiring and training a new employee, particularly if the need is short-to-medium term.

Access to specialised technical knowledge that isn’t available in your organisation. Velvet Systems has specialists in everything from cloud migration to hyperconverged infrastructure to project management to managed print services (and everything in between).

Speed of ramp-up and results – often happening much faster than hiring a full-time employee.

Providing blunt and honest feedback and opinions, untainted by “rose coloured organisational glasses”.

Because they are independent, objective, and without organisational baggage an external consultant can also be an effective change agent.

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When you need assistance, Velvet Systems is a safe pair of hands. To discuss your IT consulting needs with one of our specialists please contact us today!