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Take the cloudiness out of moving to the cloud!

Velvet Systems will safely migrate your business to the cloud while you focus on what you do best… running your business.

Why should you use the cloud?


Unparalleled access

Your staff will have unparalleled access to your systems and data from wherever they are.


Systems administration is simplified and scalability is built-in.

Reduced costs

Costs are reduced because you won’t need expensive-to-maintain infrastructure in your office.

Set your mind at ease with the cloud… if you are using Office365 you are already experiencing what the cloud can offer!

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Velvet systems can migrate you to the cloud, and you can bundle your cloud migration with managed cloud services so that you have no up-front investment – everything is covered by a cost-effective simple monthly fee.

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What can easily be moved to the cloud?

Document storage
using applications like SharePoint.

Data storage
including disaster recovery backups.

Applications that you currently use
that have cloud versions.


Providing access to data from anywhere is the main reason for using the cloud.

90% of companies are using the cloud for some purpose.

Cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021.

89% of companies use applications in the cloud.

Elevate your business to the cloud

Using the cloud takes you to the next level!

Sharepoint brings you into the 21st century

Storing your documents on SharePoint brings you into the 21st century by providing exceptional user access, enhanced collaboration, automatic version management, enhanced search capability, provision of secure third-party access, and, most importantly… you can add sophisticated workflows to manage and control your documents. Velvet Systems has deep expertise developing SharePoint sites and workflows.

Your business can continue to function when you need it to

Using a cloud-based disaster recovery capability ensures that your business can continue to function when you need it to. It is less expensive too – your cloud-based disaster recovery servers are typically no-cost until you actually use them in a disaster situation. If you have a localized disaster (for example flooding or fire in your office facility) your business can continue to operate because your applications and data are elsewhere in a secure facility.

Your information technology is scalable

You don’t need to buy another rack full of servers when your business grows.

Everything is easier to administer

Your cloud provider will transparently perform all the system upgrades and security patching. You will never have to worry about it again.

Ozcrete Pools has been using Velvet Systems for many years now. Ozcrete saw 2020 in moving to Velvet Systems Managed Services. This has seen even better value for money from Ozcrete's point of view and during this time Ozcrete had moved to using Microsoft's Share Point management software, giving our company added ability to monitor our daily work schedules.

Ozcrete PoolsBrisbane

You guys are fantastic! Thank you for always being so helpful and efficient! Jeremy is always great when he comes out to the office to assist!

Samantha GBrisbane

Velvet have been looking after my complicated office software for years now. They assist promptly and are professional, I won't use anyone else as it's hard to find someone you can trust in IT and who is very well priced. Highly recommend VELVET SYSTEMS!

Angela EBrisbane
Migrating to the cloud and using it securely

To migrate to the cloud and use it securely there are many technology areas to consider

Your workstations must be appropriately secured – with managed antivirus, up-to-date security patches, and up-to-date operating system patches. They should be centrally managed.

The security of your remote workstations is even more important. It is necessary to ensure only the staff member has access to your systems and data when your workstation may be physically accessible by others (e.g. household members and guests). Security must be maintained on the remote location network – for example, home Wi-Fi is inherently less secure than wired connections in your office and many residential internet routers are installed with default (well known) passwords making hacking the network trivial.

When using the cloud, a network failure in your office is a critical event. Your network should have in-built resilience and have up-to-date security and IoS patching. Network devices should be proactively monitored and managed.

When using the cloud, the connection to your internet provider is a critical link. If your internet connection goes down, you lose access to your applications and data. Careful re-design of your connection will minimise your down- time. Protecting your internet connection(s) is also necessary and usually means using a firewall.

Products that are fully cloud-based can be time-consuming to set-up, configure, and train for maximum productivity – for example the Microsoft365 suite. While Microsoft365 will work “out-of-the-box”, setting up integration and productivity enhancing workflows often takes specialist skills and experience.

Some vendors have industry-specific applications that are not particularly friendly to set-up in the cloud and need specialist skills.

Then there is disaster recovery. Depending on the applications you are using this can be simple to implement, or quite complex requiring specialist skills.

What do you do if your cloud vendor or mission-critical application “goes away? Sometimes it is better to use a hybrid cloud approach where you keep your “crown jewels” applications and data on-premises or in a local private cloud facility.

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