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Managed IT services and project delivery

Managed Cloud Services including cloud security
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Managed Services
for on-premises infrastructure & apps
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Essential 8 implementation and management
Managed Disaster Recovery capability
Upgrading or building new on-premises capability
Information Technology Project delivery
Cloud Migration

Take the cloudiness out of moving to the cloud!

Velvet Systems will safely migrate your business to the cloud while you focus on what you do best… running your business.

With the cloud:

  • Your staff will have unparalleled access to your systems and data from wherever they are.
  • Systems administration is simplified and scalability is built-in.
  • Costs are reduced because you won’t need expensive-to-maintain servers in your office.

Set your mind at ease with the thought of the cloud… if you are using Office365 you are already experiencing what the cloud can offer! Let Velvet Systems safely migrate you to the cloud.

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Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services from Velvet Systems will keep things running securely in the cloud.

Using the cloud to run your business has many advantages:

  • Your applications and data are available anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Systems administration is simplified and scalability is built-in.
    Back-end (in office) infrastructure that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years is eliminated.
  • The cloud can be used to provide cost-effective disaster recovery capability using Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Stop the drain on your IT budget and resources and let Velvet Systems take the cloudiness out of the cloud so that you can focus on running your business.

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Managed IT Services

Your business relies on your on-premises IT running smoothly and securely.

Let Velvet Systems take the stress out of the day-to-day running of your IT so you can do what you do best… run your business. Using managed IT services gives you all the advantages that large companies have. Your managed services provider will:

  • Keep your systems running smoothly.
  • Give you access to an extended team of technicians, analysts and professional services staff who have the depth of experience to solve any challenge you encounter.
  • Support the evolution of your business with any upgrades or projects that you need.
  • Provide all these services at a very reasonable cost.

Stop the drain on your IT budget and resources and let Velvet Systems take the cloudiness out of the cloud so that you can focus on running your business.

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Let Velvet Systems help manage your risk today

80% of small and medium businesses experienced a major information technology failure in the last 2 years.

Disasters take many forms – fires, floods, accidents, theft, human error, mission-critical hardware failures, ransomware attacks, and more. Velvet Systems can help you prepare for the worst. Bringing years of experience we will work with you to understand your business then provide you with recommendations about how to manage the risk to your information technology systems and data.

Many businesses find that a fully managed solution is the easiest and most cost-effective way of managing their risk. Velvet Systems’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is already protecting dozens of our clients. The DRaaS approach has the advantage of no up-front cost – everything is covered by 1 low monthly fee.

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Upgrades and projects

Velvet Systems takes the stress out of IT projects so you can do what you do best… run your business.

At some point your organisation will need to execute an IT project:

  • As your business grows and evolves you will need new information technology capabilities – things like new applications and new infrastructure, or perhaps cloud migration with new workflows, etc.
  • As time passes, some of your existing infrastructure and applications will need updating – physical servers, virtual servers, storage and backup systems, intrusion prevention devices (firewalls), switches and routers (LAN/WAN), workstations / computers, printers and other peripherals, email, smart phones, etc.

Velvet Systems has the methodology, the technical expertise and the project management expertise you need.

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Essential 8

Velvet Systems offers a comprehensive approach to implementing and maintaining the Essential 8 security model, providing businesses with peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital landscape. With a proven track record of simplifying IT processes and ensuring the security of infrastructure and applications, Velvet Systems streamlines the adoption of Essential 8, allowing companies to focus on their core business objectives while mitigating cybersecurity risks. By leveraging Velvet Systems’ expertise, businesses can effectively address evolving threats and regulatory requirements, safeguarding their data and reputation.

Expertise: Velvet Systems boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure management, ensuring a robust implementation of the Essential 8 framework tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Proactive Maintenance: Velvet Systems provides proactive maintenance and monitoring services to continuously assess and enhance the effectiveness of Essential 8 security controls, pre-empting potential vulnerabilities and minimizing the risk of cyber-attacks.

Scalability: As businesses grow and technology evolves, Velvet Systems offers scalable solutions that adapt to changing needs, ensuring that Essential 8 security measures remain robust and effective over time.

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Let Velvet Systems take the headache out of IT so you can do what you do best… run your business.