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Starting a new business is challenging. Information technology is key to business start-up success.

Velvet Systems will setup your information technology then keep things running smoothly and securely so you can focus on getting your business off the ground.

There are many questions around IT for new businesses:


Applications and data

What applications and data should be in the cloud?

Business-critical applications

Should I keep my business-critical applications and data on a server in my back-office?


What workstations do I need to run my applications and manage my data?

Office network

How do I set up my office network so that I never lose my connection to the cloud?


How do I ensure everything is secure?


What backups are needed, and how do I recover from a disaster?

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We are based in Brisbane and have over 20 years experience helping clients setup new businesses and new offices for their existing businesses. Let us take the headache out of setting up your information technology so that you can focus on getting your business off the ground. We can bundle the setup of your IT with ongoing managed services so that you have no up-front investment – everything is covered by a cost-effective monthly fee.

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Nowadays the formula for business success is simple: drive innovation with information technology.

Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand.

Firms are penalised by the market when they experience unforeseen operating or implementation-related IT failures.

Information Technology

 The foundation for every successful business

You will need reliable, secure, high-speed internet access. Because you will be using the cloud, your internet connection is a critical link:

If your internet connection goes down, you lose access to your cloud applications and data. Careful design of your connection will minimise your down-time. This might include different connection types, multiple redundant connections, using edge devices from different manufacturers, etc. Ensuring that you have the right availability, bandwidth, and latency requires specialist knowledge and careful design.

Security of your internet connection is fundamental. Your connection must be “hardened” – some sort of intrusion prevention device like a firewall will be required.

To ensure any issues with your connection are fixed quickly your internet service provider(s) must have reliable support. Separating the hype from the reality takes experience and local knowledge.

Because your staff will use workstations to access the cloud and on-premises applications and data, you will need reliable, secure workstations able to do what you need:

The type of workstation is important – for example, a business laptop running Windows 10 Professional can be made secure, can be remotely managed, and will have the horsepower for your business applications. A home computer running Windows 10 Home may not be secure, cannot be managed remotely, and may not have the necessary resources.

Your workstations must be secure – preferably centrally managed, with managed antivirus, up-to-date security patches, up-to-date operating system patches, and have managed access to prevent unauthorised use in the event of loss of the device or malicious agents.

The security of your remote workstations (at home, in site offices, etc.) is even more important. Security must be maintained on the remote location network. For example, many residential internet routers are installed with default (well known) passwords leaving them open to hacking.

You will need a disaster recovery capability:

Backups of your applications and data must be taken regularly, and it must be possible to use the backups to restore your systems.

You will need to understand how long can you survive without your mission-critical data and systems. This is known as the Recovery Time Objective (“RTO”). You will also need to understand what mission-critical systems that must brought back on-line, and how much data can be lost. This is known as the Recovery Point Objective (“RPO”). Determining the RTO and RPO then setting up your systems to achieve them requires specialist knowledge.

If you are in a regulated industry it will be necessary to archive your email and documents to comply with retention regulations.

Every business must have a website.

Many businesses start simply with the equivalent of a digital glossy brochure. A more comprehensive website with as much customer-facing information as possible will result in more hits and higher customer satisfaction. Building a website that customers want to use is an art.

Ensuring that your web site is “at the top of the list” in web search results is called Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”). SEO is both an art and a science and requires specialist skills.

You will need email and business productivity tools:

All the standard business productivity tools are available in the cloud. Microsoft365 is the productivity suite of choice for many businesses.

Velvet Systems have been looking after our business needs for many years. They are always helpful and efficient. Recently, we moved office and we were so grateful to have the Velvet team on our side, working for the best possible outcome. I would recommended them to anyone needing IT support and guidance.

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Velvet Systems has advised and supported our company since 2017. They provide exceptional service delivered with a personal touch. Their technical expertise is second to none. We rely on them, we trust them, we recommend them.

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We have been using Velvet Systems for a number of years and have found them to be extremely helpful, and found Jeremy and the team very reliable and easy to work with. Great problem solvers.

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Why use a local information technology services provider?

Understanding the Australian information technology environment is key to the successful setup, management and maintenance of your business. Knowledge is key:

Knowing who the good internet service providers are in Brisbane. Knowing the actual (not marketing) availability for connections from those providers.

Knowing who the good hosting providers are and knowing what their abilities actually are. Untangling the reality from the marketing hype.

Knowing the best cloud applications and services providers for your business.

Knowing what equipment is readily available, and what equipment has readily available spare parts in Queensland. Knowing who the reliable equipment suppliers are in Australia.

Most importantly knowing all the pitfalls around security for your applications, data, and infrastructure.

You have a local accountant and a local lawyer. Having a local, professional technology services provider is no different.

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