IT relocation services

When it is time to move offices there are many things that take your focus away from running your business.

Velvet Systems will move your information technology to your new location and keep things working securely so you can focus on running your business.

You need to relocate your business. Your business must operate during and after the move – it must be transparent to your customers. Some of the questions that need to be answered prior to your move:


How will connectivity be maintained

when your internet services provider and all your network infrastructure must be moved? Will temporary connectivity be needed?

How will everything be kept secure

during and after the move?

What pre-work will be needed

at the new location? Cabling? Wi-Fi? A server room?

What happens if a piece of IT equipment is damaged

or lost during the move?

What backups should be taken

before the move? How can you be sure you can restore from the backups if you need to?

How should your larger, more fragile on-premises equipment be moved

(servers, storage, etc.)?

Is this a good time

to change or upgrade your information technology? Should you move old outdated equipment?

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Velvet Systems is based in Brisbane and we have over 20 years experience helping clients move locations. Let us take the headache out of relocating your information technology so that you can focus on keeping your business running during your move. We can bundle relocating your IT with ongoing managed services so that you have no up-front cost for the move – everything is covered by a cost-effective monthly fee.

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If you are already in your new location and you are experiencing ongoing issues we can also help!

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Moving your documents and information to the cloud before you relocate will make your move easier.

Using a specialist IT services company for your move will lower your risk.

Having a comprehensive plan for your IT relocation is essential to success.

Ensuring the prerequisites are completed well ahead of the move will ensure your IT continues to function and your business continues to operate.

Relocating your information technology

Some tasks are necessary prior to your move:

Request an internet connection move and/or order new connections at the new location. Request a move for your phones.

Pre-build the server room at the new location if required. Pre-cable the entire location and install a Wi-Fi system.

Determine whether you will need an “interim state” at the new location – e.g. everyone using Wi-Fi until the new network cabling is completed.

Create or confirm your IT asset register and update asset-tags to help ensure nothing gets lost. Create a plan for the placement of each piece of equipment at the new location based on asset number.

Test each piece of equipment prior to the move. Understanding the condition of everything will ensure that time is not wasted trying to track down a problem “caused during the move” that actually existed prior to the move. The pre-move testing will also inform decisions about what equipment should be retired rather than moved. There is little point spending time/budget on relocating equipment that is out-of-date.

Execute a power-down-then-power-up test (a “bounce” test) for every piece of key on-premises equipment. Many pieces of on-premises equipment (e.g. network switches) will have been powered-up and operational for months or years and may not restart correctly or at all. Executing a bounce test will allow time for troubleshooting and repairs prior to the move for anything that fails to power back up.

Test and confirm your disaster recovery capability well prior to the move – if key IT equipment is damaged during the move it must be possible to bring new equipment into service using the backups.

Create backups immediately prior to the move.

Pre-purchase spares or ensure they are available with short lead-times in case it is necessary to rebuild key equipment. Ensure that consumables like network cables are available.

Book specialist movers who are experienced in, and insured for, moving IT equipment. Breakages or stolen data can be hugely expensive. Also it is important that static build-up, temperature, and humidity are monitored and controlled during transport. Equipment coming from a cold space like a server room into a high temperature, high humidity environment (like a Queensland summer day) can be damaged by condensation.

Create and test contingency/business continuity plans. Identify your business-critical applications and data and have a plan in the event there are issues after the move.

There may also be some commercial pre-move tasks:

If on-premises equipment is leased it may be necessary to obtain permission from the equipment owner to move the equipment.

Some equipment warranties and/or maintenance agreements will need to be updated with the new location.

After the move:

Test everything to confirm it has powered-up and is functioning correctly. Resolve any issues found.

Provide comprehensive day-one support for your staff as they log in and use the systems for the first time.

Provide week-one support to ensure the inevitable problems are resolved efficiently.

If you had an interim state then manage the transition from the interim state to the final state.

Velvet Systems have been looking after our business needs for many years. They are always helpful and efficient. Recently, we moved office and we were so grateful to have the Velvet team on our side, working for the best possible outcome. I would recommended them to anyone needing IT support and guidance.

Brisbane Wealth managementBrisbane

You guys are fantastic! Thank you for always being so helpful and efficient! Jeremy is always great when he comes out to the office to assist!

Samantha GBrisbane

Always have been very helpful. They get the job done. Have been using them for about 4 years now.

Cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud could make your office relocation easier

Imagine if you didn’t need to move your on-premises servers and storage, and that you didn’t need to build a new server room at your new location.

Migrating your documents and information to the cloud prior to relocating is a real option. Because cloud-based documents and information can be accessed from anywhere you won’t need to physically move the equipment they are stored on when you relocate. You can leave your old servers and storage behind.

Many of our clients choose SharePoint when migrating their documents and information to the cloud. Microsoft describes SharePoint as “primarily a tool to share documents and information with colleagues, partners, and customers”. It allows documents to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection – office, home, and any remote location with connectivity.

Additionally, SharePoint has very useful functionality:

  • Inbuilt functionality that allows multiple people to edit a document, and version management is automatic.
  • Support for workflows that enhance collaboration – for example managed document review and approvals.
  • Integration with other Microsoft apps like Planner (the app used to manage tasks).

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