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COVID-19 update

Velvet Systems has implemented a range of changes to protect our employees and our clients which will allow Velvet Systems to continue to support our clients in these uncertain times:


Some of our key staff are working from home.

We do not have all our key staff in the same place at the same time. We are managing staff logistics so that should any of our staff test positive a companywide lock down will not be required. This ensures that we can continue to support our clients.

Onsite work is only being performed when a remote solution is not possible.


When onsite, all Velvet staff are required to comply with a strict hygiene policy

This includes washing hands regularly, social distancing and the use of cling wrap on computers and devices to prevent any potential transmission of the virus.

All staff members have been instructed that under no circumstances can they go onsite if they have any symptoms of COVID-19

They are to report symptoms immediately to their supervisor. We will take no chances when it comes to the health of our clients and our employees.

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